General Insurance policy: The need for a financially secure life!

There are more than 20 general insurance companies in India that provide health insurance policies. All of these companies offer more than one type of general insurance policies. In simpler words, there are various types of general insurance plans available in the market and to get the one that will fulfill yours and your family’s need is to determine the company from which you should get one, Reliance General Insurance company amongst all is the one that fits the bill.

Under the health insurance category, most of the general insurance companies cover only the couple and their dependent children, while Reliance General Insurance plans Company offers full family cover, wherein the dependent parents are also included in the purchased plan. This means that in one plan you can cover your spouse, your dependent children, and your parents.

In the family health insurance plan, the insured sum covers all the family members whereas, the amount insured in an individual health insurance plan will cover only the policyholder.

However, one can purchase an individual health insurance plan for all the family members, with a separate amount insured sum assigned to each individual. If you have a family member who needs additional medical coverage and chances are that his or her health expenditure might increase is high, it is always recommended to purchase an individual insurance plan for him or her. Opting to do so will prove to be beneficial from both the perspective, i.e. health and monetary.

Perks of getting individual health insurance from Reliance General Insurance company:

There are many benefits to getting individual health insurance from Reliance General Insurance, some of them are:

  • Cashless claim service: In an unforeseen situation of healthcare emergency, or event where you are supposed to get admitted to the hospital, you can get the cashless benefit offered in your Reliance General Insurance plan. The facility of cashless hospitalisation provided by health insurance plan allows an individual to get healthcare treatment without having to pay for the same to the hospital. However, this amenity is available only in the network-listed hospitals or in the hospitals that are empaneled with Reliance General Insurance company. Under the cashless hospitalisation, the insurance company settles the claim directly to the nursing home or hospital.
  • Hospitalisation daily allowance: Reliance General Insurance company pays a specific allowance to the policyholder for every day he or she spends in the hospital. However, this is applicable only after the policyholder has already spent some days in the hospital. The number of days spent in the medical care facility is always pre-decided in the plan and may vary from one company to another. If you are the primary breadwinner in your family, then such an allowance proves to be highly beneficial at the time of emergency.
  • Tax benefits: The premium that is paid on the health insurance plan is eligible for deductible under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The available amount of deduction is up to 25,000 INR for individuals or 50,000 INR for senior citizens.

Is it possible to get the best insurance plan from reliance general insurance at fewer premiums?

It has been noted often that the rate of the health insurance premium rises with the increase in age. The reason behind this is fairly simple, the common belief that the health risk increase with the individual’s age. Therefore, if you purchase a health insurance at a younger age from Reliance General Insurance then you will have an advantage as the chances of you paying a high premium will be less.

Though the age aspect is not a matter of choice to lower your premium sum, one thing which you can have control over is the co-payment. By going for co-payment, you can be certain of lowering the premium sum that you pay towards the insurance policy.

Co-payment is a pre-decided amount of money that you as the policyholder promise to pay from your pocket at the time of laying the claim. The higher the co-payment sum you select to pay at the time of claim, the lower will be your premium rate.

In order to ensure that you buy the right insurance from Reliance General Insurance company after careful analysis of all the insurance policies that this company has to offer, you can choose to visit Coverfox.

It is because buying insurance, no matter from which company, without comparison is closing a fool’s deal, which will cause more grief than relief in the long run.